Assessments are the heart of CARSability. An assessment provides a series of multiple choice questions on various skills related to a specific occupation. The results of an assessment will help identify what training would be most appropriate to strengthen/develop a person's skills and enhance their on-the-job performance.

Assessments can range in size but are normally made up of 100 questions and take approximately 1 hour to complete.

What makes CARSability assessments so special?

CARSability assessments are the most advanced assessments available for the automotive industry. CARSability assessments are based on highly detailed documents called Functional Standards which were developed for the purpose of analyzing each of the 34 occupations. These documents act as blueprints that define the skills that a person within a particular occupation must have in order to successfully function in that occupation. To ensure CARSability continues to meet the needs of the industry over time, regular reviews and updates to the occupational functional standards have been planned.

CARSability Assessments do much more than simply provide a raw assessment grade - they completely analyze the participant's skills and identify weaknesses in a highly advanced fashion. Detailed results along with task-specific training recommendations allow CARSability users to not only identify but also address any skills gaps they may have.

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What does an assessment look like?

CARSability assessments have a number of features that help make the assessments easy to use even in a busy environment such as an automotive shop.

CARSability displays your assessment progress in a progress chart. This chart makes it possible to navigate between questions and even highlight any questions that may pose a challenge. You may return to a question at any time and change your answer as often as you like until the assessment is submitted.

Pictures, schematics and various legends are used to provide a much more interesting and exciting assessment.  Users always know which tasks/skill areas the assessment is addressing at a given time by a guide at the top of the screen.

How much time do I have?

CARSability was designed to be as easy to use as possible. For that reason you may:

  • stop an assessment at any time
  • exit and return to an assessment as often as you like
  • return to an assessment after any period of time
  • review and change your answers as often as you like
  • submit your assessment only when you are certain that you are finished

In addition, your assessment results are provided to you instantly after submitting your assessment. Your detailed results and training recommendations are provided immediately.