Functional Standards

Functional Standards

Based on Job Requirements

CARSability is an assessment tool that provides accurate and in-depth results for a wide range of occupations in the automotive industry. As such, CARSability's development began with a comprehensive analysis of the tasks that make up each individual occupation.

Industry employers and employees in each of the 34 automotive occupations attended sessions to dissect and identifiy the tasks that needed to be carried out effectively in their occupation. Next, they identified the percentage of time a person spends on each task to help determine the number of questions that would be needed to effectively assess a particular task. Each Functional Standard is the national benchmark for the skills assessment.

It is this extensive research into each occupation that created a set of documents called Occupational Functional Standards. These documents are the building blocks or "blueprints" of CARSability and allow us to provide assessments that not only ask the proper ratio of questions based on occupational tasks, but also allow us to provide you with highly detailed results that are broken down by job category.

Functional Standards Example

To better explain how CARSability uses Functional Standards to enhance the assessment process, lets look at an Automotive Service Technician (AST) occupation. The AST occupation, according to our Functional Standards, is composed of 38 individual tasks all of which are examined by each assessment taken on CARSability.

One of the 38 tasks within this occupation is "Cooling Systems" which, according to the Functional Standards, represents approximately 3.1% of a technician's overall occupational skills. This means that during an assessment at least 3.1% of the questions will deal with "Cooling Systems".

When an assessment is completed, CARSability makes an analysis of all the tasks within the occupation and detailed results can be extrapolated on a task-by-task basis.

How were Functional Standards Developed?

CARSability Functional Standards involved many years of research and input from thousands of industry employers and employees across the country. Occupations were analyzed by people in the field and were later re-evaluated by separate participants in order to ensure the highest quality of data. Our information was not built in house but collected through the collaboration of many people. It is this outreach that has made our tool so popular and effective throughout the automotive industry.

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