Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed an assessment and disagree with a specific question’s answer. Could the question be incorrect?

All questions in CARSability went through a rigorous series of reviews and focus tests. Each question was developed by a group of at least three individuals with expertise in the specific occupation from all over the country. We have made every attempt in ensuring that our questions are correct and relate to industry standards.

Having said this, it is still possible that questions have multiple correct answers or that answers depend on the environment in which they are applied (For example, shop policies may be different at various locations).

The goal of CARSability is not to provide a raw score but to display a detailed list of incorrect answers and suggest related training. CARSability results are meant to help identify the skills of the person taking the assessment by allowing for the review of the assessment’s incorrect questions.

CARSability also collects statistics and feedback on questions. This information allows us to review questions on an ongoing basis in order to ensure superior question quality.