CARSability Training

CARSability assessments and training suggestions go hand in hand to provide you with an advanced skills development tool.

Upon the completion of an assessment, CARSability will search a comprehensive database of training to provide course suggestions that are customized to your skills gaps. Courses that address your needs will be shown and sorted by the categories you had most difficulty with.

CARSability will help take the guesswork out of your training by providing the courses that address your particular needs.

Course Ratings

In order to provide the most accurate course selection possible, CARSability uses a Star system to rate all courses that match your particular skills gaps.

Any course suggested to you will have a star rating associated with it. A course with four stars represents a course the deals primarily in the topic you are weak in. Where as a course with one star may simply cover the identified skills gap although the skills gap may not the primary focus of the course.

The Star ratings help you to further select which courses would best address your needs and are another example of how CARSability is working to help provide you with the most accurate data possible.