Assessment Results

CARSability Results

CARSability provides detailed assessment results for all completed assessments. Assessment results can be viewed for you own individual assessments or if you are a Shop Administrator you can view assessment results for the assessments taken by your Shop Members.

There are three general types of CARSability assessment results.

  • Raw Assessment Score
  • Incorrect Questions
  • Training Recommendations

Since assessments are based on the tasks that need to be performed within a given occupation, assessment results, in addition to providing standard feedback, are grouped by task. This provides more categorized insight into identified skills gaps.

For example, someone taking the Service Manager assessment may receive an overall result of 80% but may have received only 5% in the customer service section of the occupation. This indicates that even though the person strong results overall, the person does have an evident skills gap in the customer service task area.

Raw Assessment Score

CARSability provides you with various numerical values as to how well you scored on your assessment. Additional statistical values are also available. These include:

  • Total questions answered
  • Number of questions answered correctly
  • Number of questions answered incorrectly
  • Overall score as a percentage
  • Average time required to answer questions
  • Number of sessions taken to complete assessment

It is important to note that CARSability assessments should not be evaluated solely on the score. The purpose of the assessments is to provide feedback broken down by the various tasks that make up the occupation. An overall score does not display which section of an occupation a person may be having difficulty with.

Incorrect Questions

Reviewing incorrect questions after a CARSability assessment provides additional insight as they are grouped by the occupation's tasks. The tasks are then sorted to show which tasks posed the most difficulty. By reviewing data in this fashion, overall skills gaps become quickly apparent.

Training Recommendations

One of the most important benefits of CARSability is the capacity to provide an immediate link between an identified skills gap and a source of training. Once an assessment is completed, any skills gaps will be located and training that is specific to the results of the assessment will be searched for in our database.

Training results are further broken down based on how closely the courses relate to the skills gaps using a simple star rating. One star denotes a course that simply covers the topic while four stars denote a course that deals primarily in the task that was identified as being a weakness.