WELCOME TO CARSessentials!

CARSessentials is an easy-to-use, interactive CARSability assessment designed to help students, apprentices and employees in the automotive repair and service industry to assess their essential skills.

What are essential skills?

Essential skills are the fundamental skills that all of us need in life and on the job. There are nine essential skills:

  • reading
  • oral communication
  • working with others
  • thinking skills
  • computer use
  • document use
  • numeracy
  • writing
  • continuous learning

Essential skills aren’t just necessary for life; they are the necessary building blocks for all types of learning. They help us learn better and faster. They help us do our jobs and manage our time more efficiently. They also help us on the job, whether we are talking to customers, figuring out new diagnostic equipment or interacting with other members of our team.

What many people don’t know is that essential skills can be improved, regardless of age or existing skill level. Like any other ability, essential skills can be assessed and then upgraded with the right kind of training, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve been in a classroom.

How CARSessentials can benefit you