Why should I want to assess my employees’ skills?

There are a lot of good reasons to assess and improve employees’ essential skills.

  1. Strong essential skills are vital to learning job-specific skills
    Employees who don’t have an appropriate level of essential skills aren’t as productive, are harder to train, don’t integrate as well into the workplace and are less happy in their job (and therefore, more likely to leave).
  2. Save money by avoiding hiring mistakes
    CARSessentials is a great tool for evaluating job candidates. It can help you find people who have not only the technical know-how but who also have other crucial but hard-to-assess abilities, like thinking skills, communications skills and the ability to work with others.
  3. Develop high-quality employees more easily
    You may not even realize it, but when you’re looking for great people, you’re looking for high levels of essentials skills. CARSessentials will give you a better picture of the essential skills you have in your workforce, as well as the ones you need so your business can grow.
  4. Assessing essential skills can be difficult. We make it easy
    CARSessentials is a free and easy way to measure the skills of existing employees as well as the skills of potential new hires.
  5. Strong essential skills leverage your investment in training
    Most companies have to budget their training dollars carefully, so it makes sense to ensure employees have the skills to take full advantage of that training. Employees with good essential skills are easier to train and will retain knowledge better, so training dollars can be put to maximum effect.

How to do I get started?

Start by creating an account for yourself, upgrade your account to a shop account then add employees under your profile by creating accounts for them using your Shop Menu. This way you will be able to assess the esential skills needs of your employees and see their results.

Let’s get started!

If you are ready to begin your assessment, you must first create your account.