Occupation Overview

New/Used Vehicle Sales Person

CARSability breaks down a New/Used Vehicle Sales Person's knowledge into four broad categories.

  • Sells the vehicle
  • Delivers the vehicle
  • Follows up and prospects
  • Other tasks

New/Used Vehicle Sales Person assessments address the following topics in depth.

  • Greets clients
  • Gathers client needs
  • Describes product features and benefits
  • Conducts road tests
  • Discusses pricing and payment options
  • Verifies vehicle
  • Delivers vehicle
  • Follows up with client after delivery
  • Prospects new clients
  • Participates in outreach and marketing activities
  • Learns about new products
  • Takes sales training
  • Assists in showroom merchandising
  • Attends meetings

Occupation Development

CARSability was developed using an in-depth analysis of each occupation in the automotive industry. This detailed approach was applied to all asspects of the tool and allows CARSability to generate unsurpassed skills assessment results and to pin-point exact training recommendations. To read more about CARSability please follow the links below: