Occupation Overview

Truck and Coach/Transport Service Technician

CARSability breaks down a Truck and Coach/Transport Service Technician's knowledge into nine broad categories.

  • Air Systems, Brakes and Steering
  • Engine and Supporting Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Drive Train
  • Electronic Systems and Components
  • Cab and Body
  • Chassis and Frame
  • Accessories
  • Occupational Skills

Truck and Coach/Transport Service Technician assessments address the following topics in depth.

  • Works on air systems
  • Works on braking systems
  • Works on steering systems
  • Works on tires, wheels, rims and hubs
  • Works on engines
  • Works on cooling systems
  • Works on lubrication systems
  • Works on fuel systems
  • Works in intake, exhaust and emission systems
  • Works on auxiliary brake systems
  • Works on electrical systems
  • Works on charging systems
  • Works on starting systems
  • Works on ignition systems
  • Works on electrical conductors and connectors
  • Works on electric accessories
  • Works on clutches
  • Works on standard transmissions
  • Works on automatic transmissions
  • Works on drive lines
  • Works on differentials and transfer cases
  • Works on electronic components and accessories
  • Works on HVAC and refrigeration systems
  • Works on trailer bodies
  • Works on cab body and trim
  • Modifies length and height of frames
  • Works on suspensions
  • Works on hitches and couplers
  • Works on accessories
  • Works on hydraulic systems
  • Completes maintenance records and documents
  • Operates and maintains tools and equipment
  • Inspects and cleans vehicle components
  • Conducts road tests
  • Maintains vehicle

Occupation Development

CARSability was developed using an in-depth analysis of each occupation in the automotive industry. This detailed approach was applied to all asspects of the tool and allows CARSability to generate unsurpassed skills assessment results and to pin-point exact training recommendations. To read more about CARSability please follow the links below: