Occupation Overview

Automotive Service Technician

An Automotive Service Technician (AST) is someone with an outstanding ability to accurately and quickly diagnose a problem, has good reasoning abilities and a thorough knowledge of automobiles along with an understanding of current tools.

CARSability breaks down an Automotive Service Technician's knowledge into seven broad categories.

  • Occupational Skills
  • Diagnostics and repair of engine and engine support systems
  • Diagnostics and repair of vehicle management systems
  • Diagnostics and repair of drive line systems
  • Electrical and Comfort Control Systems
  • Steering, Suspension, Braking and Control Systems
  • Body Components, Trim and Restraint Systems

Automotive Service Technician assessments address the following topics in depth.

  • Tools and equipment
  • Organization of work
  • General maintenance and diagnostics
  • Cooling systems
  • Lubrication systems
  • Base engine
  • Fuel delivery systems
  • Ignition systems
  • Intake/Exhaust systems
  • Emissions systems
  • Accessory drive and mounts
  • Diagnostics and repair of vehicle management systems
  • Drive shafts and axles
  • Manual transmissions and transaxles
  • Automatic transmissions and transaxles
  • Clutches
  • Transfer cases
  • Differentials/Solid Axles
  • Starting/Charging systems and batteries
  • Wiring and electrical
  • Lighting and wipers
  • Entertainment systems
  • Electrical options
  • Electrical accessories
  • Instrumentation and displays
  • Air flow controls and systems
  • Refrigerant systems
  • Heating systems
  • Steering and control systems
  • Suspension and control systems
  • Braking and control systems
  • Tires, wheels, hubs and wheel bearings
  • Active restraint systems
  • Passive restraint systems
  • Wind noise and water leaks
  • Noise, vibration and harshness
  • Interior and exterior components and trim
  • Latches, locks and moveable glass

Occupation Development

CARSability was developed using an in-depth analysis of each occupation in the automotive industry. This detailed approach was applied to all asspects of the tool and allows CARSability to generate unsurpassed skills assessment results and to pin-point exact training recommendations. To read more about CARSability please follow the links below: