Personal Assessments

Personal Assessments

Personal assessments allow you to quickly and effectively evaluate how your skills score against national benchmarks. After taking an assessment for a specific occupation you will be provided with detailed results that will identify any skills gaps you may have within the selected occupation.

Should the assessment find weaknesses in your skills, CARSability will provide you with the closest possible match of courses that are available in order to closely address your needs.

With CARSability you can quickly update your skills and become better at your job.

Continuous Training

The automotive industry is continuously changing and keeping your skills up to date in this fast paced environment can be a great challenge. CARSability was built with this in mind and our comprehensive assessments cover a wide range of occupations in the automotive industry.

By taking regular assessments you will be able to identify training that is best suited to your needs. You will no longer need to spend time in classes that only touch on the topics that you need training in or spend limited training budget on training that is not required.

Competitive Edge

By taking assessments, finding training specific to your needs and building a portfolio on CARSability, you will quickly gain a competitive edge over others in your industry. Providing potential employers with your CARSability scores may help you get an advantage over your competition.