Corporate Assessments

Corporate Assessments

CARSability offers the ability to manage assessments at a corporate level. As a corporate CARSability member you can manage assessments across numerous locations. By using CARSability to assess all your locations you can quickly:

  • Identify company wide skills gaps
  • Isolate overall training requirements
  • See how your workforce skills match against national industry benchmarks

In addition you can use the data provided by CARSability to determine whether your corporate training is focused on the appropriate topics and can better plan training for future years.

Corporate Branding

As a corporate client you can have CARSability branded with your own corporate colours and logos. Anyone who signs into CARSability and who is a member of your organization will see the tool take on your company's branding.

Multiple Locations

As an organization with multiple automotive locations CARSability can help you assess skills with little difficulty. A Shop Administrator at each of your corporate locations would be responsible for assigning assessments. Alternately, you may choose to allow your employees the freedom to select their own assessments. Either way the overall data collected would quickly provide detailed results about your employee's skills.

Immediate Results

All CARSability data is secure and collected live. As an assessment is completed the results are made available instantly. This means you will have immediate access to the overall statistics and results.

As a corporate member you will have complete control over what training is made available to your employees. You can link your own training to the various skills gaps and have the CARSability training come from your own pool of courses. Alternately, you can review training providers who are already linked to CARSability and select which ones you approve for your employees.

Becoming a Corporate Member

Please contact us to learn more about CARSability's corporate features or to speak with one of our corporate sales representatives.

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